Read reviews and share your feedback for Jad Sawaya Real Estate Services in Laval, QC


Read reviews and share your feedback for Jad Sawaya Real Estate Services in Laval, QC


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Reviews ( 52 )

"An excellent professional. He knows the real estate market very well and knows how to negotiate aiming at the best for his client."

Priscilla Rocha

“Jad Sawaya recently helped my daughter, and I buy a house in the Laval area. What sets him apart is his accessibility, attention to detail, and careful monitoring of the market until he finds the perfect home. Everything went well from A to Z. We had the impression that he had our daily interests at heart. We highly recommend it!!!”

Kathleen Griffiths

“Thank you Jad for helping us buy our new home!! You made the process simple, easy and definitely faster than we thought it will be. We appreciate your honest advice and guidance.”

Nayla S

“Professional, Punctual, and efficient. Mr. Jad helped us greatly when we first arrived in Montreal and even before landing. We had a call with him, explained all our needs and what we were looking for, and within a few hours only we received so many options to pick from. He was kind enough to check out the apartments and filter them while providing us with Real-time photos and videos. Whether you're renting an apartment/home or buying a house, Mr. Jad Sawaya is the person you go to.”

Jennifer Ghraichy

“Extremely professional and dedicated!!! Jad helped us to rent our current apartment. He worked hard for us and made sure we were well-handled and comfortable throughout the process. Even after the deal he followed up to see if we needed assistance. Thank you, Jad!!”

Joyce Habib